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Athena pick up !

Picked up the car from the warehouse today. She started first push of the starter. But the shippers had drained the tank so she was not happy. Thanks to Jamie in his Morris who kindly filled up our fuel bag at the gas station allowing us and a few others to get going. We met Bennie and Tony who provided a workshop and we changed the oil and some other tasks we had scheduled. Thanks Frankie for arranging it all.

Police Briefing and Duck

We have been told how to "self-drive" in China ! Most useful fact : If you don't slow down or give way at a Green Light it's still your fault ! But the highlight was definitely DINNER. The most amazing Peking Duck !

Arrival in Beijing

Just landed in Beijing. It's pretty hot ! Spent a few hours looking for butane for our torch. Seems that everybody only uses disposable lighters. Asked the concierge and he says is this what you are looking for and pulls out a can of butane. Yes, I say, and he says this is for another guest, we ordered it from the internet ! Anyway he has promised to bring me a can on Friday afternoon. Next official event is the Police Briefing. Will try and stay awake for our video driving lesson courtesy of the People's Republic.