Day 13 14

We met Yuri at the Autocenter Peugeot in Berdsk. Thanks to Denis Rastorguev, this had been prearranged many months ago in anticipation and they set to work diagnosing the problem which turned out to be a broken u joint.

The next morning Fanis arrived with the mount and spare head. The engine was fine, so the head is now on one of the photographer's trucks. 

Yuri found us a driveshaft specialist who repaired our u joint. I was very happy !

Yuri and his team installed the mount and, repaired the prop shaft and did some more work on the exhaust and aligned the car 

We shopped for supplies and cleaned the car and modified our rear door to have an external door lock because it was failing. Our other rear door is inoperable. 

We checked the valve clearances and found the cause of our misfire, a broken king lead connector. Tony, one of the sweeps helped us with a replacement. 

The locals loved the cars and we signed autographs all day. It was amazing !

Here she is, ready for our drive to Kazakhstan



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