Day 15

A cold wet and muddy run to Pavlodar where we met Arnai to get our new tires installed.


  1. Great to read about this and follow the rally news - I sent the new tyres out to Pavlodar via the freight company I work for and have been following all of the action! Enjoy the rest of the incredible experience and best wishes from the UK!

  2. Don’t ever give up! Don’t stop at Paris. Go all the way down to Iberia. Finish the continent.
    I got the whole idea when 16 looking at the atlas and done it when 36.
    Except took 3 years backpacking.I’m sure you’re feeling what Earth is all about.
    Enjoy the whole.Wishing you luck and high spirit!

  3. Let 10 camels tow if you get fed up with welding and driving.
    They’re the sweetest and the strongest....


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