Day 11

We crossed the border into Russia. The formalities went fairly swiftly but many cars were broken and needed transport.

As we headed to Camp, our broken exhaust continued to cause problems, and we realized that our gearbox mount was starting to melt.

The local rally support team went to work on our exhaust. It was quite a sight. 

Meanwhile in Athens, Thanos was hatching a plan to get us a new mount and a spare head just in case there was engine damage.

He arranged for Fanis, who didn't need a Russian visa to fly in, but not before locating a mount in Paris. In his own words:

My Paris 504 brother called another 504 brother who opened his store and got the part late at night. Late pm scramble with stewardess friend found other stewardess with colleague flying to Athens next   morning   Handed the part to stewardess, I picked up in Athens and gave it to Fanis 


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